Whiskey You’re The Divil

Sunday 21st May, 4:30pm

Whiskey You’re The Divil

Whiskey You’re The Divil are a rousing, fun-fueled music group who know how to sing a song the way it should be sang. More important however is that they're a bunch of friends who all grew up together in the same village in Ireland and simply love playing music together and having the Craic. This is clearly a blurb they wrote for out foreign, but they're outrageously good so we will let that one slide.

They specialise in traditional Irish ballads, instrumental jigs and reels while also being known for their dancing and poetry recital skills. Whiskey You’re The Divil’s music has been described as being full of energy and playfully entertaining to people from all walks of life. It can also be tender and poignant such as when a slow air is sung.

This successful combination of music, fun and friends has seen the band tour their electrifying live shows across Europe, Australia, South America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Featuring a disgraceful amount of talent including Shane Carroll, Liam McCabe, Alan Darcy, Kevin Kelleher, Darragh Slacke, Aodhan McBreen & Shane O'Connor.

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