Park Life - Sunday

Cavan Arts Festival parking available at Cavan Institute, next door.

Sunday 21st May, 12pm


A choir workshop for Mammies! Come along and be part of a singing workshop for Mothers. Enjoy creating music together and having a fun filled melodious afternoon. You are welcome to bring your baby / toddler with you.

Sunday 21st May, 1pm

Fanzini Brothers

Guido Fanzini has finally managed to demote his brother Ronaldo to a lowly circus roustabout so he can shine as the star of Guido Fanzini's Impossible Circus. But Ronaldo may have other ideas! A circus tale of sibling rivalry, brotherly love and pogo sticks.

Sunday 21st May, 3pm

On Tish, by Síolta Circus

In the year 2222 a small but eccentric tribe of noisy, boisterous beings are on the hunt for food, shelter & a bit of craic. As they roam the desolate landscape they create chaos as they go with jaw dropping acrobatics & bagloads of absurdity. Prepare to laugh out loud as they sweep in, set up camp & make themselves at home.

An uplifting whirlwind of a dystopian future, this is an explosive acrobatic show for all ages.

Performers : Michelle Thoburn, Jacob Anderson, Ali Stanger, Henrik Gard & Aoife Raleigh
Directed by Alain Servant. Music by John Linnane.

Sunday 21st May, 3:30pm

Cavan Sinfonia Orchestra

Join the wonderful Cavan Sinfonia Orchestra, directed by Sue King, as they woo us with their specially prepared performance for us in our big top tent. Playing classical, popular, and traditional Irish music including Schostakovich, morricone and Elgar.

Sunday 21st May, 4:30pm

Whiskey You’re The Divil

Whiskey You’re The Divil are a rousing, fun-fueled music group who know how to sing a song the way it should be sang. More important however is that they're a bunch of friends who all grew up together in the same village in Ireland and simply love playing music together and having the Craic. This is clearly a blurb they wrote for out foreign, but they're outrageously good so we will let that one slide.

Saturday 20th May, 12-5pm

Horsebox Theatre

No time or space in your life for anything? We have the perfect entertainment solution for you. You are cordially invited to attend a free five-minute concert in this lavish, luxurious, and thoroughly delightful, tiny Victorian theatre (built into a horsebox).

Bring your Mam, your sister and her mate and you’ll have made it another sell-out show! Catch the amazing, virtuosic, stupefying (incredibly Spanish) BERNIE and his magic guitar.
Don’t miss Bernie & special guests as the world’s most intimate classical guitar concert comes to Con Smith Park Cavan.
Sunday 21st May, 12-5pm

DISTRO Exhibition

Distro (which is slang for an independent distributor of zines and other forms of alternative press) is a pop-up exhibition that brings together a collection of over 70 independent and self-published artists’ books with the aim of introducing the practice of artist publishing to rural Ireland. Artist’s books are not to be confused with ‘how to’ books on art, or the art book whose purpose is to display artworks made in another medium, they are publications that have been considered as artworks in their own way, such as photobooks or zines. Distro features works from a range of artists and collectives from all across Ireland and abroad.

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