What’s Watt
by Symmetry Circus

Sunday 19th May, 12:30pm
Con Smith Park, Cavan

What’s Watt by Symmetry Circus

What's Watt!? Old and young gather round. This delightful treat will have you spellbound. For it is the grand unveiling of a new fangled, slightly mangled kinetic motion machine!!

The road to invention is certainly not smooth....especially if your assistant has a taste for engine oil! Join our pair of batty inventors as they attempt to repair and construct their contraption. Will the calamitous duo get their machine going in the end? A show for all ages featuring acrobatics, hula hooping, unicycle, escapology, juggling and lots of laugh out loud comedy.

Aoife Raleigh and Maria Corcoran​ are a circus duo based in the midlands. They have been performing together for over 7 years travelling from Armagh to Abu Dhabi and they are still making each other laugh.

Their shows are fueled by imagination & inspired by the intersection between the worlds of arts & science. Together, they'll make you gasp, giggle & wonder if they've accidentally stumbled out of a cartoon & into real life.

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