Eitleog | Kite Festival

Saturday 23rd - Sunday 31st October 2021

Eitleog | Kite Festival

Eitleog {eh-til-ogue} is the Irish word for kite. It’s also the name for the new kite festival by Cavan Arts Festival, taking place this October mid-term break. 

Take to the skies with Eitleog, as Cavan Arts Festival brings you the age-old traditions of kite making and kite flying in this hybrid online and on-the-end-of-a-line event. 

The premise is simple – check out our specially commissioned kite making tutorials from esteemed international kite artists Catherine Gabrel (US), Laura McNamara (Ireland), and Rebecca Marsden (UK), who will show you how to create your very own sled, diamond, and sock kites (no real socks, smelly or otherwise, are harmed in the making of this kite).

Socks aside, most of the parts required to build your kite are everyday household items, and each workshop will have a list of what you will need, which will be available to view in advance on our social media channels and website.  

Once you’ve decorated and painted your own masterpiece with the expert guidance of our kite artists, you can fly your new creations from your own garden or in a safe public space. 

Share images of your kite creating and flying with us on our social media channels, making sure to tag @cavanartsfestival so we can see your high-flying works of art.

You can find our workshop video tutorials online: 

• Our website: www.cavanartsfestival.ie 
• Our Cavan Arts Festival YouTube Channel  
• Our Facebook Page @cavanartsfestival

Eitleog is proudly brought to you by Cavan Arts Festival and supported by The Arts Council of Ireland and Creative Ireland.

Catherine - Sled Kite

Laura - Card Kite

Rebecca - Batik Wind Sock